One of the reasons I like working at Amazon is that it's a good way to decompress from more social jobs because it's basically you and a computer most of the day. The closest I usually get to most coworkers is a smile and maybe a nod as we pass each other in the aisles. But there was this one permanent worker who I passed quite often, and she said "hi, how are you" all the time, and then we started to pass more and more pleasantries. We finally, about 3 weeks in, introduced ourselves, and when I told her my name, she said up until then she was referring to me as "the Cabbage Patch Doll." Um. Thank you? Damn these chubby cheeks. Now, I don't find them all that cute, but she went on to say that she's been collecting them since she was 9 (and she's now in her 40s) so I guess she thinks they're cute, so I'll take it as a compliment. Personally, I think I look more like Mrs. Beasley.

Our time here is almost done. We're going to,do a couple tours at Mammoth Cave on the eve of Christmas Eve and hang out here for Christmas, and then next stop...Myrtle Beach, SC

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