The campground is officially open for business, and I'm still getting use to the transition from complete serenity to, well, not so much. I knew what I was getting into, however, and came well supplied with earplugs. Maybe this job will help me to be more tolerant of others. Who's holding their breaths on that one?

Once we get into a groove, Phil and I are going to be on easy street. We typically start our day at 8:30 and end it around 3, with plenty of driving around in golf carts in between. Here's what we got paid to do the other day...well, that, and getting a tour of the island waterside in our boss's boat.


Now, before you all get too jealous and all quit your jobs and become RVers, remember that we do have to clean bathrooms for an hour and a half per work day. And some people do NOT have the best public restroom etiquette, let me tell you. And then there's those poor souls you just have to feel sorry for because of what they leave for us to find. It makes you wonder if they need to seek medical attention. Our coworkers and we came up with a code for such gastrointestinal marvels...CODE BABY ELEPHANT! Ha. Luckily Phil and I haven't had to deal with anything too gnarly, but since I'm making fun of not only my coworkers and those unfortunate campers, you know we'll have to deal with a clogzilla soon.

Next stop...Downeast Maine for more real estate shopping

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