This is no late April Fool's Day post, unfortunately. Yesterday was a pretty good day, all told. We made it through Nebraska in one piece. But then came Iowa. We stayed on a lonely byway for most of the day, but we had to get on I-80 to get where we needed to be and that's when it all went to hell.

We were in the slow lane, doing our modest RV 62 and letting folks fly by us, when we were coming up a hill and noticed all the folks in front of us hitting their brakes. No problem...we put on our brakes and were chugging along when BAM! I didn't see what happened...Phil may have seen at the last minute and he did his best to avoid it, but we got sideswiped by an SUV. (An SUV? A SUV doesn't sound right.) Turns out a Ford Taurus behind that lady did not notice everyone's brake lights, plowed into the SUV full speed, which then hit into us. We got pulled off the road pretty well...the other two cars weren't so lucky. The Taurus was an accordian and it was still in the left lane. The SUV was able to get off a bit more, but we had traffic pretty snarled. I can absolutely say if it had been dark already, there would have been a lot more than three vehicles involved.

The cops were called, and since we could still move, and to get our big-ass rig out of way, we were told to drive to the next exit and everyone would meet us there. Then statements were made and pictures were taken. It turns out the cops were more interested in knowing if we had seen a semi who actually caused all this...seems a semi caused a crash with a little passenger car but took off, leaving the poor, smooshed car that everyone was slamming on their brakes for.

Now our wonderful little Winnebago has some damage on the driver side that runs all the way from the front tire almost to the very last compartment, but nothing that makes it undrivable or unlivable, at least. We're going to take it to a shop tomorrow just to make sure we won't make things worse driving it. If they can fix it in a reasonable amount of time, then maybe we'll do it here, but if they can't, our insurance company things it would be ok for us to keep heading to PA and just get the work done there. We have to hear from one of their adjusters tomorrow, but since this accident was in no way our fault, and that's documented by the quite lovely Iowa state police (I mean, really, those guys were very nice), I'm hoping we don't have to stick around here.


Next stop...somewhere in Illinois

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