Even though we worked at Custer State Park in 2010, we never actually went to Mount Rushmore. We did a windy road trip from which we could see the thing, but we couldn't count that as an actual visit.

Since we were in Box Elder (Rapid City, essentially) to get our drivers licenses, and since we were only about 30 miles away, we decided it was high time to go see it face to faces, if you will. I'm sure glad we did...that place is really cool. And even though you can't see them well enough to tell what I mean, the eye detail on those fellows is amazing. The artists put a little twinkle in each of them.


After Rushmore, we had to go to our first laundromat in 5 years to do a couple of weeks worth of laundry. It wouldn't have been so bad except for a large family who, I kid you not, hogged all ten of the quadruple loaders plus quite a few of the regular washers. I swear, since prices have gone up on the past 5 years, with the amount of money they spent today on washing and drying, they could have just bought a washer/dryer set for their home. Maybe they live in a place where they can't have them...yikes, though. I'm just glad when we have to do laundry again, we'll be at my mommy's house.

Next stop...Badlands National Park

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