We only had about 40 miles left in our journey yesterday, which made for a nice, short trip. And luckily we had scoped things out the day before because one, we found out one of tires needed to be changed (thank you, Hanson's, in Ellsworth, ME). And two, the route's a bit convoluted and our directions were wrong, so it's good we were in the small car instead of the big rig. But our summer home is just as lovely as advertised on their website, and all the folks we've met so far are warm and friendly.


We're currently at the campground's office, using their internet and doing some laundry. It's been rainy all day, and I guess that's not normal for this time of year. People who've been working here for the past three years have said they've never had to work in the rain before. It's a good thing we didn't mention to our new bosses that we always bring the rain with us. Now they're stuck with us.

Earlier this drizzly day, we took a scenic drive down to Bar Harbor to see what that place is all about. No one is here yet...things don't get hoppin' until around Memorial Day...so we had the whole town to ourselves. We didn't take too many pictures because of the fog, but before it gets too crazy, we go back down on a sunny day.

Here's the view from our campground. It was low tide, so keep that in mind.


We start working on Monday. When we introduced ourselves yesterday, everyone was raking and cutting branches and that kind of thing, so it will be nice to get active and down and dirty after such a long break of doing nothing. I just need to find my work gloves toot sweet.

The internet in our rig is very weak, so blogs may be around once a week. Especially if I want to add any pictures. So bear with us...the summer should be interesting.

Next stop...Acadia National Park

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