First offf, I just was reading through the previous posts, and I do know that there are all sorts of typos. But I can't seem to get the hang of this new website, and every time I go back in to fix things, I end up making things worse, so just know that I know, and you can bust my English-major chops all you want. I'm going to blame auto-correct doing things behind my back. But I digress...

Second thing...HI JERRY AND JEANIE!!! I'M SO GLAD YOU FOUND US. (Sorry for up and quitting Facebook without an announcement...I had a brief mental breakdown.)

Opening day is this week, so we're easing into our summer schedules and it just so happened that Phil and I had four days off in a row. Poor babies, I know. So we toured the rest of the island, went back to Acadia, and went exploring northward to look at some real estate we had seen online.

Let's start with Bass Harbor and its lighthouse. There's a Coast Guard family who lives there year round and I can't come to a decision of if I'd like to do that or not. You cannot beat the view and the location, but then, on the other hand, you have tourists tramping around your house all the time. There's signs posted to not look into windows or knock on the door and all that, so you know it happens all the time. Coast Guard people are armed, aren't they. I just couldn't be trusted.


After we were done sitting on rocks and watching the ocean there, we wanted to go back to Acadia to find Hunter's Beach (we missed it on our first trip because it's not marked) so we could sit on some rock and watch the ocean.


I also think I found my summer solitude spot...and it's not Hunter's Beach, so I'll share a pic with you.


It's a shady, little rock cave. I'm hoping no one will find it and I can go there and watch whales cavort. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday we went up to Bangor and walked around historic downtown (and saw the cutest Stephen King "IT" window display, complete with yellow rain hat, sewer grate, paper sailboat, etc. It was hocking Stephen King location tours, of course, but it was very nicely done.

The town was under quite a bit of construction, and everything was closed on a Sunday morning, so we didn't stay long, and we took no pictures, so nothing to see here.

After Bangor, we went on to a few nearby towns to check out some places for sale that we had found online. We were able to find two out of three, so that's good. We just weren't all that fond of the towns, so we'll be continuing our search. We should have all the surrounding areas covered by the end of the summer, so at least we'll know what towns we like and what we don't. If only we would win the PowerBall...there's a few waterfront places right in Bar Harbor in which I could see myself. Our budget right now only covers northern moose havens probably still covered in snow.

It's back to work tomorrow, and on Thursday we'll have our first campers. Time to get my game face on. Where are the wine coolers?

I'll leave you with the mother of all crane machine games...


That's not Phil's bald head in the picture...that's our boss, Owen.

Next stop...Memorial Day madness.

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