On what should have been a quick and easy trip from Albuquerque to Denver straight up the old I-25, we hit a bit of a weather snag and had to spend the night in Springer, New Mexico. It seems the Raton Pass was having one snowy time of it, and we were getting the brunt of the winds all the way south. It was the first time we've ever been toonervous to continue because of wind.

So when Phil's arms got tired of fighting the wheel, we pulled over for a weather update and found out that I-25 was shut down going both ways anyway (thanks to, at a cafe in Springer, eavesdropping on a gaggle of gregarious Mary Kay consultants on the way to a convention in Pueblo, CO) so we saw some signs for the Santa Fe Trail RV Park and decided that that was the place for us. This was my kind of park...absolutely no other RVs were there. The office (that doubled as someone's house) wasn't even open...we just dropped some money through a slot in the wall. We did have some company in the form of tent-campers (four adults and a dog in one tent....but we don't judge), but we left them alone and they left us alone and all was well.

Next stop...Denver, Colorado

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