We still haven't gone to Acadia National Park...it's on the agenda for this weekend, even though it's supposed to rain...but I thought I'd check in with the three folks who read this thing to keep you informed.

We started physical labor on Monday. I'm glad my last job at GCA was in the warehouse, because I think I'd be dead now if I wouldn't have had that going for me. My body will thank me later, I'm sure, but right now it's relying on Aleve to get it through the day.

I'm making it sound worse than it is. What we're doing right now is getting the campground cleaned up for opening day. Since Maine winters are rather rough, that means we are raking a lot of leaves, cutting up dead trees and hauling them away, picking up fallen limbs and such from the camp sites, getting all the buildings cleaned (and evicting all the winter rodents and spiders), and all that good stuff.

Our bosses are a brother and sister team, and they are extremely nice folks. They're around our ages, too, so that's fun. All our 80s references aren't lost on them. Right now, we have two other Workamper couples working with us as well, and they are all nice too. Isn't that nice?

And I'm getting all the dog fixes I could as for. Everyone has a dog. Donna, the sister, has a cute, little fluff muffin named Finley. Owen, the brother, has a big Portuguese Water Dog named Georgia, who is only three so she's fun to chase around (every three year old dog acts the same...goofy with unlimited energy). Then there's their mom, Barbara, and her Corgi, Henry. He's not so pleasant. We were warned to guard our ankles around him. And then there's Carmen's huge Newfoundland named Cricket.

That's about it for now. I have to go wash the day off me and get some grub.

Next stop...still Acadia National Park

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