A couple of our weekends ago, we decided to check out a fresh-water swimming hole called Echo Lake. We headed out early because we knew it would get crowded at high noon, and it was a nice, quiet place to be at 9AM. We had the pick of the beach. We did a little reading and loon watching until the sun warmed it up enough to swim, and then we had a nice dip. Of course, by that point, we had to navigate around the crowds, but that was ok. I think I'm becoming a people person in my old age. I don't have any pictures to share because I thought I brought the camera, but it turned out to be a pair of binoculars in the bag, so take my word for it that it was very pretty.

On our last days off, we went to a local state park called Lamoine State Park. It cost us the out-of-state fee of $12 to get in, but we love state parks, so even though we were just planning on being there a couple of hours, we didn't mind paying. This place was great! Right on the water. We set up shop in a nice shady spot and plopped down in our chairs with good books and snacks. Ah, what a life!


Too bad we don't fish...that seemed to be the most popular activity there.

Right now Phil is trying to get our car's title straightened out. It seems Arizona put the wrong odometer reading on our title, so now South Dakota can't title it until Arizona gets it worked out. Ugh. Damned Arizona. Plus, registering just the RV in AZ cost us close to two grand...getting both our RV and our car registered in SD cost us less than $400. Just saying.

Other than exploring locally, we just been working hard and getting tanned. Take that, vitamin D deficiency!

Next stop...Ben and Jerry's in Vermont

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