We're heading into our third week of doing nothing but sitting around, playing cards and eating, and may I just rub it in to you working stiffs that it's been really, really great?

Now, to be fair to us, we have gotten some things accomplished. We raked shale out of the yard (my family lives on a hill with a long, shale driveway that has to be plowed in the winter, so come spring, the shale that got displaced from the plow has to be raked out of the grass in order to be mowed...mown?...), we painted some lawn furniture, and we talked my sister into buying chickens.

She was going to buy them anyway, the coop is on its way, but she wasn't quite ready for them. But she made the mistake of letting us go to Tractor Supply with her, and now she has these.


My favorite is the little dunce in the corner, naturally.

We made a little playpen for them today, and I put a couple of my lizard's crickets in there with them, and that was a hoot (not so much for the crickets...sorry PETA). I'm just sorry we won't be around to see them in their coop. The coop will be here in time, but they'll still be too small to live in it. Hopefully they'll all make it...it's a challenge to keep the curious Catahoula away from them, so we'll just keep our fingers crossed.

And I'll sign off with a pic that pretty much sums up our time here...


Next stop...KOA in Bellefonte, PA, to have dinner with my bestie, Brian

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