If you've heard of Acadia National Park, you've probably heard of Cadillac Mountain. We finally made it to the top last week. We had hoped the crowds would have dwindled by now, but not only are the tourist hoardes still coming, we picked Cadillac Challenge Day for the cyclists. Bah. But the views from atop were spectacular, so I guess it was worth it.



I never did get my whale-watching trip because with all the bad seas they've been having lately, they hadn't been able to go out for two weeks straight, so they were all full up. I guess we'll just have to come back next year and try again.

This is our last day in Maine. Tomorrow we're heading southward, with the first night back on the road being spent in New Hampshire. I'm looking forward to traveling again, but I will miss it here. Maine was just about as beautiful as we had hoped. But it's so fun being in the campground right now because the last of the campers left yesterday morning, so we've been driving our golf cart the wrong way through the place just because we can. And it's empty, empty, EMPTY! We did our dance of joy yesterday as we watched the last campers pull away (I was so happy, I even let them drag their feet until 11:30AM even though they were supposed to be gone by 11.)

We had one last glut at The Pickled Wrinkle, replete with lobster rolls and pumpkin cider. They were still out of wrinkles, but I guess that can wait until next year as well.

Next stop...Concord, New Hampshire (or thereabouts)

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