Going from Colorado into Wyoming is like traveling back in time. It's a wonder the brain doesn't explode from the switch from hustle and bustle to lonely, lonely roads. It's just wonderful, but I know I have to appreciate the solitude while I can because there ain't no Big Country on the East Coast.

Even though we drove in rain all day long on Tuesday, it was an easy journey from Colorado to South Dakota. We decided not to push all the way to Box Elder, so we stopped in Hot Springs, South Dakota, last night. We stayed at a KOA that wasn't quite up to the usual high KOA standards, and there was absolutely no water to be had, which added a bit of a challenge because we were in the middle of a new toilet installation, and we didn't quite have indoor plumbing at that particular time. Lucky for us, there was a truck stop/travel center 5 minutes away, so we didn't have to take a walk in the woods.

Funny side story, when we called for reservations at that KOA, they wanted our phone number. When Phil was giving it, the fellow on the other end knew that we had a PA area code. Turns out, he was a 1996 Penn State grad, so he and Phil would have been on campus at the same time. Small, small world, ain't it?

This morning before we made the last 55 miles to Box Elder, we went to Wind Cave National Park. We got to see buffalo roam again! Plus, there were a couple of really irate turkeys outside the Visitor Center, so we got to hear the cranky gobbles that we were used to from Custer State Park. Turns out no turkey likes me, so I guess that's good to know.

#Now, you're going to groan at this next part, and I am too, it we couldn't stick around to take a tour of the actual cave. Boo, right? But we did watch the park movie, and read all the VC literature and signage, so....It still is a cop out, I know. What can I say?

Next stop...Box Elder, South Dakota...our new home

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