I know it's been a while since the last post, but that's because we were just chilling around the campground until my mom and sister (and sister's dog, Douille) came to visit last days off. They arrived on a Saturday afternoon and left on Thursday morning, so it was just the perfect amount of visit before we all got sick of each other (that will come in March when Phil and I impose on them again so we can get our rig fixed...but that's for future Sue to write about).

They stayed at a rental house that was seriously five minutes from our campground, so that was awesome. It was a house I would love to have. Two bedrooms...secluded enough...huge yards...it was wonderful. Plus, since they showed up on laundry night, we didn't even have to postpone...we just took our dirty duds over there and did them (I was going to have my mom do them for old times sake, but she was on vacation.)

The time of their visit corresponded with the hurricanes hitting the East Coast, so we had to keep an eye on the weather. At least they had one day of sun, which was the first full day of their visit, so we headed to Acadia to see the ocean...and saw this:


At least it wasn't raining. Just a bit of fog. Which made for more dramatic views and waves anyway, so we still had a good time.

The next day we went over to the other side of the park...back to Schoodic. A bunch of locals were checking out the surf, and things got a bit rough out there. There was one point where I thought we were going to lose Phil, who was being a bit of a dumb tourist and getting too close to the chop. If he does die anytime soon, I will probably go to jail, because my sister was taking a video and caught me saying that if he became a tourist statistic, I would be rich, so let's hope he's a bit more careful in the future (is there a statute of limitations on audio files?)


After that scare, we went to eat at the Pickled Wrinkle, where I had my first-ever lobster roll (YUM!). Luckily, they were out of their namesake dish, which we found out later to be pickled sea snails. I don't think we missed out too much there, but had they had them, we would have been obligated to order some.

The next day we went down to Bar Harbor to be tourists. It was foggy and rainy, so it was a good day for it. We did the shopping and eating thing, which is always fun.


The rest of the time was spent at their rental house relaxing, eating and playing cards. All in all, a very fun visit.

Next stop...Auburn, Maine, for Amazon.com drug tests and a side trip to Boothbay Harbor.

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