We're currently a hop, skip and a jump from the New York border, kicking back and watching Big Bang Theory. But we got a lot accomplished in the past month.

The biggest thing, and I think I mentioned this before, is we replaced our RV couch with two rocker recliners and a small end table. We're very much enjoying the change.


We found out our RV leveler can make it so that we can pull the chairs enough away from the wall for Phil to rock his heart out and for me to recline almost totally horizontal. Yay!

Then, the day before we took off, Gina's chicken coop came, so we got to see it all put together (and of course we helped to put it all together). The chickens are too small right now to live in it, but we let them run around it for a while.


I wish I were better with this blog on this ipad because if I were, that picture would have been appropriately cropped. I'll get there, I'm sure.

Last night, we met up with Brian and Lori, friends from our life in State College, for dinner at Governor's Pub in Bellefonte, PA. And after dinner they took us this little watering hole called the Big Spring Distillery for more drinks and catching up. We had such a great time we were almost late for quiet hour at the RV park!

And today, we made it all the way eastward to near the New York border...I think we can see New York from here...and we're staying at an RV park in Matamorsa, PA. The parking spots aren't all that great, but there's a very cute waterway adjacent to the park. We put food a higher priority tonight than going down to the river, but we plan on getting some pictures tomorrow before we leave so that will be in the next blog.

Next stop...Mystic, CT

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