Sorry it's been so long, but A, I can't blog from my La-Z-Boy, and B, I'm still trying to recover from hiking Acadia Mountain with Phil two weeks ago.

It all started with Phil saying he wanted to go hiking, and me putting him off successfully since we got to Maine, and then me feeling badly about that so finally capitulating and telling him I'd go. That may have been my first mistake, but my second mistake was more costly, and that was when he asked if I wanted to read up on the hike he wanted us to do and me saying, "Nah, I trust you...just pick one you want to do." My third mistake was being cocky since we hiked the Grand Canyon and thinking no East Coast trail was going to kick my ass.

We got an early start, which was good because it meant we got a parking spot and there weren't many other hikers. And then we started going up, and up, and up, and up. And then there were boulders. And more big boulders. And slippery tree roots around the big boulders. And Phil, who does better going up, and who is 6 feet tall and just exhuberant about being hiking, was gamboling like a little bunny, faster and faster, while his short, stocky wife lagged further and more red-facedly behind, swearing and sweating and struggling to breathe in 100% humidity. (At least I finally get what folks mean about a "dry heat." I got hot hiking in Arizona, but I never felt like I was going to drown whilst inhaling.)

But we made it to the top of the mountain, and it was beautiful.


And then I fell down and passed out for a few minutes.


And then it was time to go back down, which is normally not a problem for me, but this mountain was made for giants, and I wore a hole in my pant's behind sliding down rock faces that probably should have been repelled down, and envisioning breaking my hiking poles over Phil's head while he was happily skipping down the trail.


Now that it's over and the trauma is not as fresh, I can admit it was a pretty hike. But I've pretty much begged our boss to take Phil hiking from now on because, even though our coworkers admitted that Acadia Mountain was a tough hike, compared to some others that Phil wants to do, it was cake. So I think I'll stick to kayaking with the seals and porpoises and send him off with others.

So that was two weeks ago. Last week, we just bummed around the homestead and went kayaking. This week were typing to you from Fort Kent, Maine...mile 0 on highway 1 and from which we can see across the river into Canada. That's the next blog...we're off now to explore the town, take some pics and eat Chinese food.

Next stop...Fort Kent, Maine, and Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

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